1a Middle Way

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1a Middle Way
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Address: 1a Middle Way, Nevill, Lewes, BN7 1NH
Owners: Tony and Wilma Rowell
Type: Detached
Built: 1930s
Walls: Brick cavity filled

Eco Features

New condensing boiler

Cavity wall insulation
Double glazing
Loft Insulation (270mm)
Solar PV (2.3 kWp)
Vegetable garden
5 waterbutts


1a Middle Way is an unusual bungalow, located in an isolated plot, up a roadway leading off Middle Way. Tony and Wilma bought the house in 2010 and immediately undertook modernising and renovation works, including expansion into the roof. The cavity walls had been insulated but the roof has gone from no insulation to maximum. Existing double glazing has been retained and 2.3kW of solar PV is now generating electricity. In the sitting room a woodburning stove has been installed, which is heavily used in winter, greatly reducing gas consumption. By undertaking relatively simple and cost effective measures, emissions have been cut substantially. Although this house is twice the size of an average UK house, its emissions are 40% less.

Tony and Wilma are particularly committed to all aspects of sustainability and have fitted five water butts around the house to minimise mains water use for watering. They also pump bath water to the garden, rather than waste it. Composting is done using a Green Johanna hot composter, which ensures rapid breakdown. They have also planted fruit trees and established a corner for vegetable production.

Lessons Learned

Woodburning stove – Heat would circulate better if this could have been sited centrally, rather than at the end of the building, but that was the logical place for the sitting room.

Underfloor insulation – This might have been done at the building stage, but was considered difficult and disruptive. Now that flooring is in place it is not possible to do this until the next major refurbishment in many years time.

Solar thermal – Solar thermal would have been difficult, especially as the house has a combi and no water storage.

Energy use

Electricity used – 2800 kWh
Electricity generated – 2300 kWh
Gas - 14200 kWh
Wood – 3300 kWh

CO2 Emissions

3.3 tonnes pa. 41% reduction versus an average household


Solar PV – Paynes, Uckfield .
Loft conversion – Premier by Design, Worthing.
Loft design and plans – Julius Tabacek, Brighton 01273 501672.
Woodburning stove - Hanover Builder, Brighton. www.hanoverbuilder.co.uk